The War Memorial Library in Hudson is a non-profit registered charity providing a subscription library of printed and digital materials, primarily in the English language, to the residents of Hudson, Quebec and surrounding communities.Operated by volunteers, the Library is self-financing through membership fees, donations and fund raising activities. The Library in turn donates, to local charities, funds in excess of its own needs.The building and the Library serve as a memorial to those in Hudson who served in the Canadian Armed Forces.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Have Your Say! You did!

A huge thanks to our members who answered our call to attend a Focus Group and share ideas about what they wanted from our library in the future.  We received many suggestions about how to attract new members and how to continue to provide a relevant library experience to our current members.   

We are pleased that our members really love the WML our building, book selection and courses — and most of all, our members really appreciate our volunteers who work diligently to keep the library running.   

Did you know that the War Memorial Library is maintained and run solely by volunteers?  That’s right.  Currently, our 35 library volunteers perform an amazing 3,500+ hours of volunteer work per year and this does not include the devoted volunteers of the Bunker who raise the money that keeps the library operating.  Because of the dedication and commitment of all our volunteers, we are able to keep the WML operating year after year.

We hope to implement many of the suggestions received.  However to do this, we need help.   We are looking for people with specific skill sets to help us expand our activities.    

Have you ever considered volunteering at the WML?  
We are currently looking for people with skills in social media, communications, graphic design, writing and children’s storytelling. We’re also looking for a volunteer who can deliver books to shut-ins as well as one who can teach a program on using Android devices such as mobile phones and tablets.  Or, if you can lead a book club, or have an idea for an activity you could animate, or would like to talk with us about what you can do to help, please email us at Hudson Librarian.

With more members helping, we will be able to turn some of the wonderful suggestions we received into realities!

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