The War Memorial Library in Hudson is a non-profit registered charity providing a subscription library of printed and digital materials, primarily in the English language, to the residents of Hudson, Quebec and surrounding communities.Operated by volunteers, the Library is self-financing through membership fees, donations and fund raising activities. The Library in turn donates, to local charities, funds in excess of its own needs.The building and the Library serve as a memorial to those in Hudson who served in the Canadian Armed Forces.

Sunday, March 20, 2016


Women's Work
Hudson History Museum
May 2016

The exhibition presented by the Hudson Historical Society and Hudson Fine Craft, in collaboration with the War Memorial Library, will examine how women of the past approached their household obligations and how these works of "art" inspire the artisans of today. This will include taking a look at the tools, ornamentation, designs and techniques used in the production of home and studio textiles in the Hudson region between the 1700's to 1950. 
We are looking for examples of work from the homes of Hudson residents.  It could be an old spool of thread, darning mushroom, thimble, table cloth, mat, sewing machine, household item of cloth, scissors, etc.  If you have something that might be of interest, please let us know by posting a comment below before March 28.

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