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Thursday, October 25, 2012

November Book Sale

The November Book Sale starts on Monday, November 5th at 2.30 pm and runs until Saturday, November 10th. Collectibles and Dictionaries are featured.

October- Fiction

The Soldiers Wife   Trollope, Joanna

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 The Time Keeper  Alborn, Mitch
Lionel Asbo: State of England  Amis, Martin
The Sins of the Father   Archer, Jeffrey
The Age of Hope  Bergen, David
San Miguel   Boyle, T. Corraghessan
Wards of Faerie: The Dark Legacy of Shannara   Brooks, Terry
Telegraph Avenue   Chabon, Michael
The Orchardist  Coplin, Amanda
The Tombs  Cussler, Clive
Gone Girl   Flynn, Gillian
Winter of the World   Follett, Ken
Mission to Paris   Furst, Alan
The Red House  Haddon, Mark
Winter Garden   Hannah, Kristin
The Bells  Harvell, Richard
The Dead are More Visible  Heighton, Steven
The Lost Souls of Angelkov  Holeman, Linda
The Janus Reprisal  Ludlum, Robert
The Sweet Girl   Lyon, Annabel
Anna from Away  MacDonald, D.R.
Why Men Lie  MacIntyre, Linden
The Girl Who Fell From the Sky  Mawer, Simon
The Deception of Livvy Higgs  Morrissey, Donna
Miss New India  Mukherjee, Bharati
Black Dahlia and White Rose  Oates, Joyce Carol
Sweet Jesus  Pountney, Christine
Ignorance  Roberts, Michele
Road to Thunder Hill  Rose, Connie Barnes
The Prisoner of Heaven   Ruiz Zafon, Carlos
Empire of the Moghul: The Tainted Throne  Rutherford, Alex
The Lives of Things  Saramago, Jose
Dark Diversions: A Travellers Tale  Saul, John Ralston
The Fallen Angel  Silva, Daniel
The Forgetting Tree  Soli, Tatjana
At Last  St Aubyn, Edward
Irish Country Christmas  Taylor, Patrick
Floating Like the Dead  Thahn, Yasuko
One Last Thing Before I Go  Tropper, Jonathan

October- Mysteries

The Beautiful Mystery  Penny, Louise

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The Absent One   Adler-Olsen, Jussi
The Darling Dahlias and the Confederate Rose  Albert, Susan Wittig
Dead Bishops Don't Lie  Baby, Andre K.
Death of a Kingfisher  Beaton, M. C.
Hiss and Hers   Beaton, M. C.
A Death in Summer  Black, Benjamin
Vengeance  Black, Benjamin
Dead and Buried   Booth, Stephen
Creole Belle  Burke, James Lee
The Reckoning   Casey, Jane
A Wanted Man    Child, Lee
Agony of the Leaves   Childs, Laura
The Burning Soul   Connolly, John
The Sauvignon Secret  Crosby, Ellen
Last to Die  Gerritsen, Tess
Gone  Hayder, Mo
Fatal Frost   Henry, James
Not Dead Yet  James, Peter
A Killing in the Hills  Keller, Julia
A Simple Murder  Kuhns, Eleanor
Cop to Corpse   Lovesey, Peter
11th Hour  Patterson, James
A Sunless Sea  Perry, Anne
Delusion in Death  Robb, J. D.
Heartstone  Sansom, C.J.
Sovereign   Sansom, C.J.
A Small Death in the Great Glen   Scott, A.D.
Heartbroken   Unger, Lisa
Gone  White, Randy Wayne
Severe Clear   Woods, Stuart

October- Non-Fiction

The Secret of Chanel No. 5  Mazzeo, Tilar

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Accidental Genius  Gaughan, Richard
Out of the Blue       Wong, Jan
Meals Made Easy   Schettler, Renee
Sweet Book of Candy Making   LaBau, Elizabeth
Sinfully Easy Delicious Desserts   Medrich, Alice
An Illustrated History of Quebec    Gossage, Peter
Something Fierce: Memoirs of a Revolution   Aguirre, Carmen
On the Outside Looking Indian   Gill, Rupinder
Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal  Winterson, Jeanette

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Murder Ink- Louise Penny

Louise Penny is a Canadian author of mystery novels set in Quebec and centered on the work of Chief Inspector Armand Gamache of the SQ. Penny's first career was as a radio broadcaster for the CBC. After she turned to writing she won numerous awards for her work, including four Agatha Awards for best mystery novels of the year and Anthony Awards for two novels.She and her husband live in Knowlton QC.
To visit the authors website click here.